Ural Motorcycles are built in Russia, Siberia actually in the Ural Mountains with history that dates back to 1938.
Urals were introduced in the United States in 1993 and Canada around 1999. With major component upgrades and
changes this motorcycle with it's sidecar is highly improved over it's ancestors. Today it is known for being rugged, reliable,
and easy to maintain.  Not to mention economical and fun at the same time! 

New changes for 2014 models were fuel injection, hydraulic steering damper, spin on oil filter, triple disc brakes,
and a few other nice modern updates. Currently there are two single wheel drive models and two 2wd models to choose from. 
These bikes are a true year round, winter rideable motorcycle.  Mud, snow, ice, water crossings, nothing stops a Ural!   If you
want to ride one of the most unique, retro, versatile, and FUN bikes around, look no further...you found it!