Previous Years Rides


Thanks to everyone who showed up for the 2021 U.R.A.L! We had a blast and are already looking forward to next years ride. Hope to see you all there!


2021 Ural Ride
2021 Ural Ride
2021 Ural Ride


Thanks to everyone who made it out for the 4th Annual U.R.A.L! We had a great day of riding and visiting with all the Ural riders. We are looking forward to next years ride already!


Thanks to everyone who made it out for the third annual U.R.A.L. Ride. We had a good turn out of riders and great weather. Hope to see everyone back next year when we do it all again!


Thanks to everyone who made it out for the second annual U.R.A.L. Ride. We had postponed the ride originally from Sept 15th due to poor weather and two weeks later was no better. We ended up heading into Calgary for a short ride and meet up for lunch and some socializing. Was still a great time and nice to see six bikes show up with 10 die hard riders and passengers. It was -1 and snowing when we left Calgary so not a bad turn out considering! Hope to see everyone back next year when we do it all again (in hopefully warmer weather).


Join us for the second annual U.R.A.L. ride!

We had so much fun last year, we’re doing it again!  The ride is Saturday, September 15th and will depart from Destination Cycles at 10:00 am. This years ride will be a mix of black top with some gravel to get us into the back country.  We are headed south west this year and riding the Powder Face trail in Kananaskis (ride map below).  Overall round trip is about 200-250 km which includes about 50 km of gravel with lot’s of twists, turns, and hills.   This is a very scenic route and we will be planning to make a few stops so everyone can enjoy the view, bring your cameras! 
For anyone travelling from south /west of Calgary, if you do not want to ride up to the shop here to meet us you can ride directly out to our first stop which is the Petro Canada gas station on the corner of the Trans Canada and Hwy 22 (10 minutes straight south of Cochrane).  If you live in Cochrane or south Calgary it does not make a lot of sense to travel all the way up to Airdrie to head right back south west.  We should be rolling in there by 11 am.  If you want to put on the extra miles and just come out to the shop for 10, that works too!
If your bike has a jerry can, fill it up to be safe.  Fuel should be no problem but after our first fill we will have slower paced back road riding with lot’s of hills so the bikes will be using a little more than normal.  Better to have it and not need it!  Our planned food stop will be a late lunch will be in Bragg Creek around 2:00-2:30.  Eat a big breakfast and bring plenty of snacks and water as we will be making stops while in the back country and have time to eat a bite while enjoying the views!


Thanks to everyone who made it out for the first annual U.R.A.L. Ride. It was a great day and nice to see so many Urals out together on the road (and off the road!) Hope to see everyone back next year when we do it all again. Check back for 2018 ride dates and information.


Join us for the first annual U.R.A.L. ride! (Ural Riders of Alberta Loop)

The ride is Saturday, September 9th and will depart from Destination Cycle, Airdrie at 10:00 am.  This is an adventure based, scenic ride, so we will be off the black top for some of the day.  We will travel west and stop in Water Valley, AB for lunch and fuel.  We will then make our way into the foothills and lower ranges west of Water Valley, following Harold Creek Road.  From Water Valley to HWY 40 is about 40 km of gravel on a very windy road with switchbacks and hairpin curves.  There are substantial drop offs the edge of the road, so its imperative that spacing must be maintained.  There will be a couple of stops along the way for pictures, and a stretch.  There is another 20 km of gravel on HWY 40 as well and then it turns to blacktop.   Upon reaching HWY 40 we will turn south and follow it to the 1A where we will then make our way into Cochrane for a rest/refreshment at the Cochrane Hotel.  We will split up from there with some returning to Airdrie and others making their way elsewhere.  Maximum speed for this ride will be 90 km/hr as that is the maximum along our route.
To our knowledge there has not been a large, Ural based group ride in Alberta.  It is about time we made one happen!  This is intended to be a safe and fun ride.  An opportunity for some camaraderie and story telling along with seeing some country and enjoying the fall colours.  Bring your cameras and passengers and enjoy a day of riding in the back country.  A chase vehicle with hauling capability will be following with spare fuel, tools and water in the event of an issue with a bike.  An alternate route will be determined closer to the date if the gravel road condition is such that its not safe for sidecar travel.  Ensure you dress for the weather at any rate as it can change quick in the high country.  Drivers are encouraged to bring extra fuel and any accessories needed to maintain their bikes.  We also recommend wearing a full face helmet or face mask due to possible dusty conditions once off the black top.