Boss Hoss bikes are powered by a LS300, 300hp small block V8. The optional engine is the all aluminum LS3, 6.2L small block Chevy that is 445+HP.


This is a high performance, well engineered motorcycle. A balanced, lower center of gravity design makes the Boss Hoss a dream to ride cruising around town or touring the country. These bikes handle as good as or even better than most big cruisers.  It only takes a short demo ride on a Boss Hoss to convince most non-believers, but be prepared to get hooked on a V8!


Intimidating to look at, yes.  Are they hard to ride? ABSOLUTELY NOT! There is no other production motorcycle like it on the planet that can compare to the sound, feel and acceleration of a V8 thundering beneath you. If you don't like having people around you every time you stop somewhere, then don't buy a Boss Hoss.  These bikes attract a crowd like no other bike can


Currently there are two bike models and four trike models produced.  For more information, check out the factory website at

Boss Hoss Inventory