The countdown is on for the 5th Annual U.R.A.L!



We will be leaving the shop at 9 am sharp.  An hour earlier this year to allow for a little more stopping and down time.  As we have done in previous years, anyone living in south Calgary or area can meet us in an alternate location.  We have done the Petro Canada on the corner of 22 and Trans-Canada previously.  This year we will be meeting up with you guys in Bragg Creek instead.  Depending on our timeline and how quick we get out of the shop as a group from the north, we will end up in Bragg Creek around 10:00 or a bit after.  The plan is to meet up there as a full group, fuel up, and head out for the day.  We can all just meet at the main bike gathering area in-town which is the parking lot right beside the fuel station and Carls Jr.  If you want to ride out to Airdrie to meet up with us at the shop, feel free!


The goal of these rides is to get together, have fun, and ride some scenic back country.  This year is no different!  We are going to head south from Bragg Creek and make our way on some quieter, paved back roads.  We are going to wind our way down south and end up at Blue Rock Provincial Park.  We will make a couple stops along the way including down at Blue Rock.  From there we will head back down into Turner Valley for lunch.  Timeline depends on stops of course but we should be back in Turner Valley for lunch around 1:00-1:30.  We have lined up accommodations for a cool lunch stop and a drink there.  After lunch we will back track north and end up just outside of Calgary at Granary Road.  We should be there by mid afternoon.  We are calling this the official end of the day so anyone wanting to break off and go is welcome.  Some of the group are planning on riding back to Calgary from Granary Road so anyone needing to take off can ride out with them to get back into Calgary.  Some of us plan on heading back west and ending up in Bragg Creek for supper and a bit more of a ride.  Anyone wanting to continue on to Bragg Creek for one last stop is more than welcome to join.


One thing different for this years ride is the change in Kananaskis which is where we have done out last two rides.  As of June 1st you now need a park pass if you are doing anything other than passing through.  We do plan to stop at a few different locations so everyone should register for a day pass. This is a voluntary as you the rider and you can register for a day pass at


If you have not registered and are planning to attend, please register at the link below.  We have a good number of riders registered again this year so we should have a great turn out of Ural owners.  Looking forward to seeing you all out there again this year!